EduFriend is a mixed reality application designed to help young people navigate social norms and the subtleties of relationships.

This application offers an interactive and confidential environment that promotes inclusion and social confidence.

Users can choose from five themes, such as health, puberty, relationships, risky behaviors, and sexuality, and answer challenging quizzes using a virtual buzzer.
Regardless of the answer given, EduFriend provides a detailed verbal synthesis to help understand the context and issues of different situations.

The application provides an intimate and secure space to understand social norms, a topic that can be complex for young people living with neurodevelopmental disorders. By using a mixed reality headset, users can immerse themselves in interactive experiences without fear of judgment, promoting pressure-free learning focused on understanding social interactions.

EduFriend also aims to support educators and families by facilitating discussions on sensitive topics through an interactive technological tool. It creates an open and encouraging learning space where young people can develop essential social skills for seamless integration into society.

Discover EduFriend today to give young people the opportunity to become confident and competent in the complex world of social interactions.


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