Discover JobNow: Your Mixed Reality Job Interview Simulator
Developed in partnership with Pole Emploi, JobNow revolutionizes job interview preparation by offering a unique and immersive learning environment. The application features three pre-recorded scenarios with progressive difficulty for effective and targeted preparation.

Level 1: This scenario assumes that the recruiter is aware of the user's possible neurodevelopmental disorder. The level guides the job seeker through basic questions, providing visual aids and interactive buttons to boost their confidence and mastery.

Level 2: Questions become more complex in this scenario, and no visual assistance is provided, helping users develop independence to handle real-world interviews.

Level 3: Questions are even more advanced, and no visual assistance is available. This scenario prepares users for interviews where their neurodevelopmental disorder is not known.

At the end of each session, JobNow offers a personalized assessment highlighting strengths and areas for improvement, allowing job seekers to track their progress and focus on areas needing more attention.
By developing the confidence needed to shine in job interviews, JobNow becomes a valuable preparation partner, guiding users towards the professional success they deserve. It's more than just a mixed reality application; it's a powerful tool to boost young people's confidence in their professional skills and prepare them for a promising future.

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