Pop Balloons


Dive into the world of PopBalloons, a captivating mixed reality experience that enhances fine motor skills and coordination.

The application offers three game modes to help individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders develop their skills:

Motor Skills Mode:

In this mode, colorful balloons randomly appear in the game area, prompting the player to pop them by moving around. This mode aims to improve the user's motor skills and agility while assessing their reaction time. By searching for and popping the balloons, the user actively interacts with their environment, promoting better motor coordination and spatial awareness in a safe and controlled setting.

Observation Mode:

Featuring balloons of different colors, this mode encourages the player to pop balloons that match the color of Julie's clothing. The goal here is to draw the user's attention to Julie, the avatar.

Social Perception Mode:

In this mode, Julie guides the user by pointing, looking, or turning towards a specific balloon, indicating that the balloon should be popped. The roles are then reversed in the later levels, with the user indicating which balloon Julie should pop. This mode aims to improve the understanding and production of social gestures.


Interested in trying it out?

It's available on the Microsoft Store!*

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*The free version of the application allows you to explore the "Motor Skills" game mode. If you wish to unlock the premium version, which provides access to all modes, the online tracking portal, and additional services, please do not hesitate to contact us via this email address: innovation-team@actimage.com