Smile, the artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify facial expressions and display corresponding emotions.

For individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, deciphering emotions can be a challenge and an additional barrier to communication.Three game modes are offered for an immersive and educational experience, a fun way to explore the subtle language of emotions:

Free Mode:

In this mode, the application detects faces, analyzes their expressions, and provides clear real-time feedback, allowing the user to learn to recognize the facial expressions of those around them.

Quiz Mode:

The Quiz Mode allows the player to practice and test their skills in understanding facial expressions. By examining photos and images, they can submit their answer by pressing a buzzer. With a carefully designed difficulty progression, the Quiz Mode is the ideal way to learn how to decode faces while having fun.

Live Quiz Mode:

Immerse yourself in a real-time experience with Live Quiz Mode. In this mode, the player can decipher the expressions of a partner in real time. This mode allows for putting the knowledge gained from the quiz mode into practice on a real and familiar face. An interactive way to work on interactive non-verbal communication skills in pairs.


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