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The mixed reality health solution aimed at promoting the inclusion of people with autism spectrum disorders.

Equipped with a catalog of applications in mixed reality which is accessible via adapted glasses, this R & D project allows learners to develop social and motor skills in a secure and controlled environment.

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- applications -

Pop Balloons

Search and blow up balloons to appropriate the environment and gain motor skills

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Helps the recognition of facial emotions in real time to improve their social skills

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- The actors and partners of the project -

- timeline -

  • 2019Clinical studies

  • November 2018Convention in Nancy

    Establishment of a partnership with the University Hospital of Nancy
  • July 2018Smile V1

    Application of helping to recognize facial emotions in real time
  • April 2018MRPP

    Obtaining the Mixed Reality Partner Program Certification
  • January 2018Pop Balloons

    Application of helping to take ownership of the environment and gain moving skills
  • March 2017Project Launch

- They talk about us -

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  • Laurence Lafont
    At Microsoft, we are convinced that the newest technologies can be used to increase the inclusion of people with a handicap. Using mixed reality, Actimage was able to develop Hol'Autism to allow autistic people to better interact with their surroundings.
    Laurence Lafont
    COO at Microsoft
  • Guillaume
    I loved the Smile app! Especially when I progressed in different levels. I see myself playing very well when I have free time.
    22-year-old man with ASD
  • Guillaume Dumas
    In just 2 months, Actimage created the first version of Pop'Balloons from our 2D solution idea. Thanks to their MR environment, we have a solid concept.
    Guillaume Dumas
    Researcher in Social Neuroscience, Institut Pasteur
  • Stéphanie Barbier
    When we confront our patients in real situations, we face enormous difficulties. Hol'Autisme would allow us to prepare them in a safe environment.
    Stéphanie Barbier
    Specialized educator, Hospital St-Jacques de Dieuze

- contact -

If you want to contact us, support the project, share an idea, ask questions or give a testimonial, our teams will answer you.

Hol'Autisme, a HoloLens technology project